Freshman Manager, Sink or Swim (#FMSOS) is a book about my first year in the hospital setting as a healthcare manager/administrator.

You'll read of my trials and tribulations, mistakes and corrections learned, victories and pitfalls...


With a passion for education, I am privileged to teach in a Bachelors degree program for Health Studies, and in the past, a Respiratory Care Leadership. In addition, I create online courses empowering healthcare leaders of tomorrow.


I speak on Life, Healthcare and Purpose. My talks are based on my personal experiences thus far, research from academia, highly respected teachings, and my faith in Jesus Christ as my personal Lord and Savior.


I have had the privilege of teaching in a Bachelor's degree program for Respiratory Care Management/Leadership and in a Public Health undergraduate degree program. Courses taught range from Introduction to Global Health for public health students to Healthcare Administration in Respiratory Care. I also have independent courses available online for Healthcare Leaders of Tomorrow.

As the tagline above says, I am an author, a teacher and a public speaker.


I am also a goal oriented professional healthcare administrator/ practitioner with a decade of clinical, management and leadership experience in healthcare practice and administration.



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