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"The fair was considered a long overdue event for which church members and our invited community members’ expectations were very high. It was very educational and informative on various health conditions and issues. Available Health Care Services and resources were provided for attendees, free medical and dental assessment and referral were provided. The most appreciated information and education were on importance of health screening and healthy eating habits and dietary values. The guest speakers were highly appreciated and the day was rounded up with an interesting raffle draw of various prizes. Mr. Lana Bamiro functioned effectively as a project manager, leading the church planning committee through the planning, implementation and evaluation stages effortlessly."


Lola Fashola, RN, MSHS/HCM

Nurse Manager,

Twin Towers Correctional Facility, Los Angeles, CA
Medical Services Bureau


"I have had the privilege to read the book and I can attest to it, based on over thirty something years’ experience that I have in the health care industry, that this book is one that every freshman Manager should read. It is easy to read, practical and has great words of wisdom. I wish I had the tools in this book available to me when I first, several years ago, started as a health care Manager."



Health Care Manager in the DFW Metro, Texas

With over 30 years leadership experience in for & non-profit management


"Lana is an exemplary young man who completed his master of public health practicum for the Department of Community at Oklahoma University (OU) Physicians in 2012. As part of the practicum Lana performed an extensive program evaluation for the OU Physicians wellness program, which encompasses over 1,000 physicians, faculty, students, and staff.


In addition to providing the extensive evaluation, Lana also provided my department with pertinent recommendations that helped to direct program policy and guidelines for the following fiscal year. I can say with confidence that Lana has the knowledge and skills to not only design and implement effective wellness services, but to provide necessary program evaluation to track and monitor effectiveness."


Patrick Hutton, PhD

Director of Business & Program Development

University of Oklahoma College of Medicine and OU Physicians

YASM-LA 2014

"It has been a great pleasure to work with Lana Bamiro during the Young Adult and Singles Ministry (RCCGNA YASM) Convention in Los Angeles in 2014. Lana was made the provincial leader of the West Coast Province 1, which consists of California, Washington, Oregon, Arizona, Nevada and Utah. Prior to 2014, there was not a strong presence of the Young Adults and Single Ministry, but less than one year and the leadership of Lana, the ministry had a successful convention with about 430 attendees in July.


During the planning phase, Lana dealt with pastors, artists, and colleagues in a professional and respectful way. Everyone had a high praise on his leadership quality. He was able to develop regional zones and leaders for these zones. Thanks to Lana, we truly feel that RCCGNA YASM will continue to grow and impact the lives of young adults in the west coast and in the Nation."


Deacon Isaac Bankole

YASM President

The Redeemed Christian Church of God, North America

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