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I speak on Life, Healthcare, and Purpose. My talks are based on my personal experiences thus far, research from academia, highly respected teachings, and my faith in Jesus Christ as my personal Lord and Savior. I speak to encourage listeners to maximize their God-given potential, utilize their passion and human resources to live the life God has promised with purpose on purpose. I speak to encourage listeners to live a full life, where full is redefined as an overflow.

Broken into sections: Faith, Fitness, Family, Finance, Fellowship/Friends & Focus (calling/purpose), my teachings fall into one of these 6 sub-categories. Faith is your relationship with God, fitness your relationship with yourself (mental & physical health), family with your spouse & children, finance with your money, fellowship with your extended family and friends, and focus is your relationship with God's calling upon your life- purpose.


#LyfeOnPurpose Lecture, at YASM SOCAL, 3-20-16 -
This channel is coming soon!
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