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10,000 Ft. View

If you’ve ever sat in the window seat on a plane at 10,000ft and above and looked out the vastness of the earth, the land and the seas, the houses and the cars, you’ve possibly gotten a glimpse of how God might see us.

Here’s another take: when I was about 5 to 7 years old, I would make little houses out of cardboard boxes with elevators and stairs for ants, yes ants. I would play god to them, placing cubes of sugar and honey as bait to get them to come to my house and watching them go up and down. It gave me pleasure seeing them live in the little world I created for them. Side note- this is likely how God revels in us living our life under His watchful eyes.

Here’s where I’m going, Psalm 8:5 says “for you have made him a little lower than the angels, and you have crowned him with glory and honor” (NKJV). In our daily lives we sometimes forget how grand our God is and how little we (His creations) are. Looking from that height in a plane, or playing god to the little ants are only 2 ways (likely far stretches) in describing how little we are. But we sometimes get lost thinking we are the God of our lives. This is not the case.

For many, sin has been the negative impact in our thoughts, giving us false impressions that we are bigger, while our God is smaller. We think our problems are bigger than our God. Luke 1:37 says nothing is impossible with God. So don’t for a second think your problem is too big for Him, or that you’re too grand for Him. Read Psalm 8 again and meditate on it today. How excellent is His name in all the earth!

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