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Your Network & Net-worth

Your network determines your net-worth; I'm sure almost everyone has heard this expression in one variation or another. You may have heard someone say "your growth in life is determined by those that surround you" or "show me your friends and I'll tell you where you who you are." I don't think anyone will try to disprove this expression. What we all forget however is that your network & in variably net-worth are derivatives of your relationships in life.

A network in human terms is a group or system of interconnected people. You may have a vibrant and in-depth network, you may know a lot of people and be able to connect and reach out to those people in an attempt to build your net-worth, but if you don't build a relationship with those in your network you'll fail to reap the desired benefits of that network.

The bigger your network the more time it'll take to build and maintain relationships with them. That's why many people invest in softwares and programs that allow them to reach more people at once versus exclusive one-on-one time. These one-on-one times can not be substituted or replaced however, they are how true in-depth networks are sustained, but forums that provide group interactions allow for a gateway to lasting relationships.

Don't just build a network and expect your net-worth to grow by it, build and maintain the relationships needed to keep the network vibrant. Spend time with those that matter to your potential net-worth & find avenues to relate with more people possibly through forums and networking socials. Send random emails, texts, pictures, place odd calls & leave personable messages, build memories that'll last and therefore make you memorable, do more than having their contact info in your address book, reach out!

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