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Morning Breath

Who gets to feel your morning breath? I mean the very first air that comes out of your mouth? Some might say it's their pet; others might say it's their toothbrush. Honestly, my Wife is the lucky one in my house.

I had a conversation with a coworker the other day about starting your day with the "right energy." I don't believe she's a Christian, but I believe she lives by certain values I admire and continue to work on. She said it was important for her to wake up every morning, lay in her bed as though she was still asleep, and pray for everyone she was about to meet during the day. She said before she opens her eyes, she'll lay there for about 5 minutes or more and simply thank everyone she'll meet, pray their interaction be beneficent for both parties, and apologize for what she may do wrong in advance being human. This is a habit to imbibe. How better can you start your day than on a positive note, and who is better at being positive than God almighty?! No-one.

When I shared with you that my Wife is the lucky one to feel my morning breath I meant that sincerely. However, I've recently started ushering some thankful praise to God every morning before I get out of bed. I try to say a few words to thank him for his protection through the night, for counting me worthy to be awake today to fulfill his purpose in my life, and for all the great things he'll be doing for me all day. I ask him to forgive whatever sin I may have committed, whatever I might commit in the near future, and for him to count me worthy to enter his kingdom should he chose to come that day. If I'm able to get those few words out in this "busy" world we've created for ourselves I feel a little less guilty when I read my devotional later in the day versus in the morning. He ain't through with me though, but I encourage you to adopt a similar habit if you don't already do this or more.

Give your morning breath to God, he doesn't mind, he's got an N-95 mask ready when you speak, plus he'll bless your effort to communicate to him first.

Best wishes,



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