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Source of Energy

For my very first clinical rotation as a Respiratory Care Student I had to be up by 5am, and I had to be at my clinical site for 630am. For a 19 year old boy, that was torture. I had woken up that early before, like when we had to go get a visa for an international flight back in Nigeria; however for some reason, this was particularly difficult. Needless to say, that was the very first day I had a cup of coffee; I needed something to be my source of energy that morning, and I got inducted into the CDC (coffee drinkers club). Since then, I've tried for many years to quite drinking coffee to no avail.

Have you ever thought of what your daily energy source is? I still indulge in a cup of coffee from time to time, at least I'll like to think that I'm much better now than when I worked the night shift as a clinician. However, I've been delivered from the bondage of coffee drinking as my primary source of energy. By God's grace, I'm progressively moving my source of energy to Christ. I'm learning to surrender myself to be used of The Lord and therefore make him my source of energy. If I say all these things without admitting that it is a struggle daily that would be hypocrisy. For having lived many years thinking my independence is of my own hard work and energy, my own determination and zeal, my own desire for more out of life rather than The Lord's grace upon my life, I am learning now that all I am and all I have accomplish thus far is certainly by the grace of God.

Take a minute to think of where your source of energy is. Think of what motivates you, what keeps you going and how you're able to move past tough days. Are you solely dependent on your spouse, alcohol, or social media? Change is an ongoing process, not an on or off switch. The Bible says work your faith with fear and trembling, it also says the meek shall inherit the earth; meaning it wouldn't be an easy road to travel, but a worthwhile one with a bountiful inheritance at the end.

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