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Everyone Needs A Mentor, Coach or Consultant

Everyone needs a mentor, coach or consultant with every new project!

When you're working on a new project you're likely to make mistakes, this is part of learning and development. You're not expected to know it all. Part of learning is ending up in the wrong place, so you can find your way out and then move on in the right direction. Often times we find learning more challenging than it ought to be; that could be as a result of an important and vital tool needed to maximize learning that is missing.

Remember those mistakes I talked about in the first paragraph? The mistakes we sometimes make as part of learning? Sometimes those mistakes are quite costly with lasting effects. To mitigate such errors, you should work with a mentor, coach or consultant; find someone who can help you navigate the journey. It is however important to distinguish the difference between all 3. A mentor has experienced what you're about to go through and can help accordingly. A coach is somewhat of a cheer leader, a stimulant and your accountability officer. A consultant is an expert in the topic in study, they've experienced a fashion of what you're about to go through and can coach you through the challenges. One of these three people can help you when you venture on to a new task. Know the differences and hire the right one.

Having said that, you're bound to make your own mistakes; I strongly encourage you to make them and embrace them, besides whats success without a little horror story to go with it? You'll likely bounce back from those mistakes, however you don't have to make the same mistakes others have made. Streamline your learning, create your own curve, keep calm and hire a mentor, coach or consultant.

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