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5 Traits of Multimillionaires

1. Treat getting money as a duty. Multimillionaires tend to see money differently from the way others see money. I am not advocating being consumed by the pursuit of wealth just for the sake of being wealthy, but for the sake of the benefit you can endow by being wealthy.Multimillionaires see wealth as something that must the acquired in order to fulfill their purpose in life. The accumulation wealth is the surest way to make a difference in the lives of their families, companies, communities, and charities. Multimillionaires also want a validation from the marketplace that their contribution is valuable and the acquisition of wealth is the way the marketplace rewards value.

2. Surround yourself with multimillionaires and millionaires. Multimillionaires know that your net worth can be predicted by averaging the net worth of your five closest friends. Multimillionaires study the other multimillionaires and billionaires, they have other multimillionaires and billionaires to mentor, teach and inspire them to accomplishing the most they can accomplish in life. You cannot learn how to make money from people that do not have money. You need to find out what other multimillionaires read, how they invest, what is their daily schedule, how they stay motivated etc.

3. People and technology leverage: Multimillionaires treat time differently. Multimillionaires do not work in their business; they always work on their business and always look to get others to work in their business. Rich people understand that time is more valuable than time so they always choose to buy time while others sell it. Rich people hire other people to do things that they don’t have to do. Rich people also work on schedules. There is a popular saying among rich people, if it is not on your calendar or schedule, then it doesn’t exist. Everything goes on their calendars first. Have you ever met a wealthy person that does not keep to a strict schedule? It does not exist. Rich people always look for the most productive use of their time.

4. Don’t borrow and spend, save and invest. Rich people do not borrow for consumer spending, they borrow (if necessary) for capital spending and they invest. Rich people rarely purchase items that are not necessary or will not produce a Return on Investment.

5. Millionaires think small business, multimillionaires and billionaires think scale. It is extremely difficult to be a multimillionaire by selling your services and products to only your village. You need to be able to access an unlimited market in order to become a multimillionaire or billionaire. This factor is the reason why the internet has created more multimillionaires and billionaires than any other medium in such a short amount of time. Sincerely,

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