• Lana Bamiro

Outside my Comfort Zone

I had the rare opportunity of stepping outside my comfort zone just this past weekend. Now, many may disagree that being outside your comfort zone is a rare opportunity, but if you consider the ease with which we live our lives, play it safe and stick to what we know, then I think you'll agree with me that pushing yourself beyond your virtual bubble does not happen too often. In addition, it is an opportunity as it presents potential rewards, including growth.

So what was this opportunity? I got to be the Master of Ceremony (MC) for a friend's Vintage-Great Gatsby wedding in Los Angeles, California. Now, if you know me well, you'll know that I love to teach, I've grown to write with a greater desire than I had growing up as child, and I occasionally enjoy the spotlight as a speaker. The need to speak is born out of my calling to teach, but to be a Master of Ceremony was something I hadn't given much thought to.

I had gotten a call from the bride, who is a close friend of ours, asking if I wouldn't mind being the Master of Ceremony for the wedding. Although I was surprised and knew I had some homework & research to do on what the job entailed, I gladly obliged as it was an opportunity to step outside my comfort zone (therefore learning a new skill) and potentially grow my speaking menu. If I must say myself, I did a fine job.

There are many opportunities that come your way by virtue of who you are and what you are called to do. The Lord prepares a table before you and opens doors that could be unfamiliar territory to you, but he'll never leave you hanging. The tools you need to shine and be your possible best are within you, the world is waiting on you to show them what you've got. You have something in you that no one else has, it's yours alone and sometimes you have to push yourself beyond your comfort zone in order to discover them yourself. Step outside your comfort zone this week, worst case scenario you'll learn what not to do.

Best wishes, L.B.

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As the tagline above says, I am an author, a teacher and a public speaker.


I am also a goal oriented professional healthcare administrator/ practitioner with a decade of clinical, management and leadership experience in healthcare practice and administration.



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