• Lana Bamiro

The Unexpected Leader

You’ve probably already seen this clip before. For me, it never fails to remind me of how anyone around me could be the next leader of the world. In this short video, you see a boy that’s probably not a teenager influence the actions of everyone around him to do something most would think is impossible: push a tree log off the road. What kind of leader would you say this is? I call it the unexpected Leader.

What’s to learn from this clip? Two things for ...certain, the first being that anyone can lead. #Leadership is about influence, and if you’re able to connect with people and get them on board with a vision, you’re certainly leading. The second lesson is that we sometimes need a nudge. I wouldn’t say everyone in that video who supported the boy wasn’t a leader by not leading the effort, they possibly just needed the nudge from one leader to get with the program. There’s nothing wrong with not being the innovator, what’s wrong is not engaging with the program in a timely manner.

As a #HealthcareLeader, strive to influence others and be influenced by great people around you. Remember that it’s never about the person, but about the vision that was given to the leader and the ultimate goal of the group.

Motivational Video on Leadership!

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