• Lana Bamiro

Know Your Worth

In this talk, Casey Brown speaks on being underpaid. Casey says that no one will pay you what you're worth, they'll only pay you what they think you're worth; powerful, isn't it?

As #HealthcareLeaders who instinctively put the needs of others before ours, we're less likely to ask for a raise or negotiate the right pay upon hire. I know of leaders who have gone to bat for their employees, scored some significant raises for them, but never thought to ask for one for themselves. Sarah's point is that you have to let your employers know your worth, and you can do this by defining your worth and then communicating that worth to them.

In defining your worth, you need to identify what problem you solve, what you do that's uniquely yours, and what value you bring. What can you do that no one else can? What have you done that no one else has? How did those things translate to measurable outcomes in your organization? That is defining your worth.

The second part is communicating your value effectively. You must be careful however not to inflate your worth, i.e. President Trump. Trump overstates his worth, he's failed to communicate his true worth; doing this could pose some trust issues when you're unable to deliver on the expectations of your boss. I'll refer you to my course on Effective Communication for Healthcare Leaders for more on communicating ideas and values.




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