• Lana Bamiro

How Great Leaders Inspire Action

Students of #leadership & organizational development may say that if you haven't heard of #SimonSinek you're probably already a couple steps behind on your career path to exceptional leadership.

Simon is a #bestselling #author whose many books, including #LeadersEatLast, share on how best to develop into the leader you want to be. He writes the best seller #StartWithWhy, a book on the importance of sharing the purpose (aka WHY) of your plans/projects/organization in other to effectively engage potential stakeholders.

In this 18 minute #TedTalk, Simon explains the premise of starting with why among other things. He talks about the why, the how and the what. Pay close attention to the transition from one circle to the next and how that can help you influence action.



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As the tagline above says, I am an author, a teacher and a public speaker.


I am also a goal oriented professional healthcare administrator/ practitioner with a decade of clinical, management and leadership experience in healthcare practice and administration.



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