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The Fine Prints of Life

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If you've ever signed a contract you're well aware of the concept of fine prints. The phrase fine prints is used to describe information provided but not often disclosed, discussed, or reviewed in detail. Fine prints are often where out-clauses and exceptions to the intended document or agreement are stated. They contain detailed information that apply to the overarching goal of the contract signed. A billboard that says "we buy houses in any condition" probably has fine prints that say something like "except foundation and roofing issues." Fine prints have more details.

When I signed the contract for my first life insurance policy, we passively discussed what will nullify the payout to my family, but the onus was on me to review the document in detail and understand it's true implications. The point being made here is that fine prints are important parts of a larger document. In it are important details of the contract, and not paying close attention to them could negate the entire purpose of your contract.

This concept of fine prints can also apply to your goals. When you set goals and state them broadly, without reviewing, discussing, or creating fine prints, you're casting a wide net without attention to detail. For instance, a goal to loose 20 lbs by the end of the year is somewhat reasonable in the month of April for the average adult who weighs between 180 to 250 lbs. But that goal without "fine prints" lacks the details to achieving such goals. The fine prints are details which will include the how to get the goal achieved. Let's call those details the fine print, or better yet, objectives.

An objective is a sub to a goal. Taking it a step further, you may consider it the fine print of your life's contract. It's how you get the job done. It's how you make your dream a reality. It's how you implement your SMART (specific measurable achievable realistic and timely) goals. Let me say this clearly, your goal is SMART only because it has measurable objectives. Your objective is your instrumental measure. A big dream is good and needed, SMART goals are important and should be intentional, but without detailed objectives, your dreams remain in Lala land. So without a doubt, have big dreams, set SMART goals, but equally important, detail specific objectives to achieve your ultimate purpose.

When setting objectives, you must be as detailed as a lawyer is when preparing a contract. If you play chess, think of your objectives as the pawns; they are your foot soldiers. You should have more objectives than goals. Your goals are sort of captains in the army, they're only so many of them, but the foot soldiers are many; these are your objectives.

Pray big dreams, set SMART goals, outline detailed objectives.

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