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Count The Cost

Thus far in 2018, we've discussed in this blog, the importance setting goals, planning appropriately, and measuring accurately. Let's briefly explain counting the cost as we use some verses from the book of Proverbs as our reference point.

The book of Proverbs is an excellent resource for daily living; I mean, the book is titled Proverbs. The dictionary tells us that the word "Proverb" means a short, pithy saying in general use, stating a general truth or piece of advice. If we break that definition down, a few keywords/phrases stand out: the first being "short," second being "general use," third being "general truth," and lastly a "piece of advice." If I were to redefine for ease, I'd say a Proverb is a "short general truth and advise for life."

I recently took a 5-day trip to Lagos, Nigeria. There were five tasks I hoped to achieve on that trip, and to the glory of The Lord, I was able to accomplish 4 of them successfully. Before I left Texas, I created a to-do list of what was needed for my trip, including financial resources. To do this, I assessed the current state of affairs in Lagos, including the average cost of a few typical expenses. This assessment helped my decision into how much I was to take along for the trip. Although I achieved 80% of what I set out to do, I undershot my expenses and spent slightly above my intended alotted amount; let's say I was within the margin of error. Nonetheless, I was pleased with what I was able to accomplish when assessing the financial cost and input associated with the trip.

Proverbs 20:25 states that "It is foolish and rash to make a promise to the Lord before counting the cost." (TLB). Proverbs 21:5 in the New Living Translation states that "Good planning and hard work lead to prosperity, but hasty shortcuts lead to poverty." Not to focus alone on the old testament, the book of Luke, chapter 14 and verse 28 in The New King James Version states that "For which of you, intending to build a tower, does not sit down first and count the cost, whether he has enough to finish it." The implication of the witty words above are simple, count the cost as you plan for life.

The first bible verse above discourages making promises you're not sure to keep to God. I will encourage extending that rule to all other ventures, relationships, and goals. The second bible verse discourages taking short-cuts, this we discussed in April. The final bible verse asks rhetorically if one will embark on a costly endeavor such as building a house without planning, certainly not.

My ask of you at this junction is to count the cost in all you do. Plan, rethink, and then plan again. It's been said, that proper preparation prevents poor performance (5P's). Let's count the cost as we venture on all 2018 goals. Remember, it's never too late to get started the right way.

Best wishes, L.B.

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