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Flawless Execution

I have an aunt who does an amazing job at executing what she sets out to do. Quite honestly, I admire her tenacity, her drive, her zeal, and her ability to bring tasks to completion. She's good at setting goals, creating tactical objectives and working actively with a deadline; I think she was born that way though. This is a skill that can be developed, however, although some folks have it innate, anyone can deliver on needed tasks.

As I spent time researching flawless execution, I found a resource that I think best depicts the concept of making the most complex tasks simple. Afterburner.com is a company created to help companies, businesses and organizations implement strategic plans with the desired outcome and ease; check them out. Here, I'm going to point out a few tips to having a flawless execution on your goals.

  1. Know yourself. If you don't know who you are, what you stand for, what your SWOT is, you'll struggle with executing an external project. Master the self before the challenge.

  2. Prepare yourself. You know what the goal is, so you should have an understanding of what is needed to be better prepared for delivering on the needed task. Training is key to getting things done the right way.

  3. Establish a benchmark. A benchmark is simply a standard; the reference point for what you're attempting to achieve. Please don't tell me no one has ever done what you're trying to do, yes it might be unique, but I'm certain there's an existing standard... plan to raise the bar.

  4. Define your process. Outline the steps needed to get you from point A to point Z. I imagine it entails some assessment, further planning, and preparation, in-process assessments as you implement, etc. The fewer steps you outline, the better your chances of delivering on your goals.

  5. Clearly state your vision, therefore, making it replicable. In a situation where your goal requires more than one person's involvement, you as the owner of the vision will have to spell out your vision. Don't leave anything to chance, don't assume they know, you're better safe creating a checklist than leaving it all to chance. Your intent must be clear with a team goal.

  6. Leverage your environment. Situationally, your outlined plan may need to be modified as you go along, seeing what your circumstance/environment has to offer could help you in making the right decision.

  7. Align your vision with your outcome. Do a brief assessment of what you set out to achieve. Is this what you wanted to build, create, or produce? You're still to do a thorough return on investment (ROI), but from a quick glance, can you say your vision outlines with your outcome?

Following those seven steps could help lead you to deliver on flawless execution. Here's what you'll notice from all those points, they're direct, simple and to the point. Execution isn't about planning, "fixing to," "thinking about," or "considering," it's about getting things done.Let's get to work for the rest of 2018, do work!Best wishes,


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