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It occurred to me that I hadn't shared a direct post on salvation. Here's my take on redemption and salvation.

Salvation: We are saved by grace, which merely means, our salvation is not by our works, but by God's unmerited favor towards us. However, we must accept that free salvation, that's our part to play. God gave the salvation (through Jesus Christ, His son) for the redemption of your sins, and your acceptance of Jesus as your personal Lord and savior closes the first loop.

The Holy Spirit/Holiness: accepting Jesus as your savior isn't the end of the road; once saved, you must then begin to work with The Holy Spirit to ensure holiness. You must be Holy to see God in the afterlife, for the eyes of The Lord is too holy to behold iniquity. Jesus saves, but to think that salvation equates a permanent place in God's presence without works is to set yourself up for failure.

Relationship: Your salvation with God is relational. This just means that there isn't a set template on how God (in 3 persons) relates with you and me. His relationship with you will undoubtedly be different from His relationship with me. But a walk with Jesus Christ through the person of The Holy Spirit is the relationship that ensures our place in heaven. The Holy Spirit is your guide for your personal relationship with God.

In summary, the salvation of your soul from damnation includes the following: (1) you must be saved by accepting Jesus Christ as your personal Lord & Savior, and (2) you must be holy through a relationship with The Holy Spirit. Even then we are told to wrestle our salvation with fear and trembling, for the devourer is going through and fo, looking for who to devour.

My final ask is that if you will like to give your life to Jesus Christ, you may do so immediately. Just say this pray below and find a bible believing church to follow-through with immediately. You're welcome to call me at any time to further discuss as well.

"Jesus I know I am a sinner and I know that you died to save me from my sins. I surrender my life to you, and I ask for forgiveness of all my sins, please cleans me from all unrighteousness as I give my life to you. Come into my heart to be my Lord, Master & personal savior. I ask for The Holy Spirit to take charge and lead me right. Thank you, Father, for sending your son Jesus Christ to die for me, I am eternally grateful, Amen."

Best wishes,


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