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Building Better Relationships

Updated: Jan 17, 2021

Be it with your spouse, boss, clients, parents, kids, religious leaders, colleagues or any other relationship, we all need to continuously build better relationships. It doesn’t matter how talented and skilled you are, building stronger relationships is the key to happiness and success. No one lives in a vacuum, we are all relational beings and we need relationships to achieve anything in life.

Here are 3 practical ideas to help us build better relationships.

1. The number 1 rule of building better relationships is Gratitude & Love. So much stems from this. Gratitude and Love for the your clients, spouse, parents, colleagues etc enables you to be more generous, it also enables to be of better service, kinder etc. “Show people that you care.”

2. Take 100% responsibility for the relationship. Often times we seem to want others to meet us half way. We hold our love, generosity, care, compassion etc. until we see others display theirs. This doesn’t work because its a self fulfilling prophecy that leads every relationship spiraling downwards. “It’s all on you, and all about them”. Dump the victim mentality.

3. Be curious. Everyone has something that makes them tick. Everyone has their Love language. Taking the time to be curious, to learn what makes others tick will help build better relationships. “Every man is your superior in some way”. Taking the time to be curious also helps you learn from others.

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