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Stir It Up

Updated: Jan 17, 2021

The legendary Bob Marley wrote a song called "Stir It Up" that spoke to the need to revitalize a long lost relationship. For many of us, this is where we are with our dreams, passions, or purpose. You've had something baking inside of you for weeks, months, or maybe years that need to be revitalized. You've lost the mojo for what you ought to be doing and need to stir it all up. How then do you go about this? There are three tactics I'll like to share with you to get your spirits lifted.

1. Have some "Me Time" scheduled. Creating in a cluttered world is difficult. Some people thrive in chaos but don't be mislead; they've already developed their strategy for success. They're only implementing it in turmoil. Spend quality time with yourself, within your thoughts, and clarify the vision before you.

2. Surround yourself with forward-thinking associates. It's been said before that your net-worth is your network. We've also heard the phrase "show me your friends today, and I can tell you where you'll be tomorrow." If you've lost your mojo and surround yourself with people who have also lost their mojo, you'll likely all be in the same place weeks, months and years from now. But if you've lost your mojo and spend time around forward-thinking associates who inspire you, there's a better chance that you'll stir it back up.

3. Listen to The Spirit of God within you. For you to listen to The Spirit of God, you must first have surrendered your life to Him. Accepting Jesus as your personal Lord and Savior is the ultimate key to rekindling your mojo. The Bible says in John 6:63a that "The Spirit gives life"; life creates, therefore receiving life affords you the ability to recreate the vision, create energy to function and create the resources to deliver.

Stir it all back-up. You've got to get your mojo back. There's more to life than your current state of mind. You've got to stir it up.

Best wishes,


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