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Get Your Mojo Back, Be Accountable

Updated: Jan 17, 2021

Still, on the factor of getting your mojo back and accountability, every one of us will have to give an account of what we’ve been given, mojo back or not; let me explain.

I want to tell a story of a young healthcare leader who had the opportunity to step into an executive role early in his career. Let's call this young leader Sara. Sara was fortunate to have a few good mentors who took time investing in her growth and development. She was selected one of forty deserving candidates for her junior executive role and was given an opportunity anyone in her shoes would appreciate. As she stepped into the new position, Sara worked hard, studied late to catch up on what she wasn’t familiar with, gave up social time with friends. She even skipped on Thanksgiving two years in a row to deliver on end of year work-related deadlines, missed a few dates with promising young men with good intentions, and excelled tremendously in the first couple years of the executive role. And then something happened, she became complacent; with everyone’s acknowledges of her career success, she became higher than life itself.

Sara felt invisible, she was the talk of the company, no one could fire her, she thought. In this comfort, she started spending more time socializing, she took extensive time off work to “re-energize herself," she told her colleagues, she stopped coming in early and rarely stayed past 5pm at work. Sara lost her mojo needless to say. The outcome? The CEO had no choice but to fire Sara after a few disciplinary conversations and a slump to the bottom line of the company. Many morales could be taken from this tale, but the focus for today is on keeping your mojo. The question for you here is, are you that young executive (Sara) who had a passion for God and lost your mojo? Are you still accountable to the blessings, resources, and mentors that God has given you? Would God be happy with the work you’ve done lately?

When God gave us life, he gave us the tools and resources to live the sort of life He has planned for us. Just like Sara in the story above, God gave you your talent, your skills, your family, your health, your wealth, the life experiences that you consider pain and sorrow, your mentors, ... so you can become successful in His name. All were given to you to deliver on what you are made for. The question to ask yourself is, have you used what you’ve been given to deliver on what is expected of you? Have you been a good manager of the resources allocated to you or have you squandered the opportunity by feeling higher than life? Falling in either category is detrimental. If you’ve lost your mojo and aren’t firing on, or you’ve never had the fire for God with the umpteen blessings given to you, there’s a likely chance your Father in heaven is unhappy with you. If the CEO of a Fortune 500 company assessed your accomplishments based on the measures given to you would you be promoted, encouraged to do more, or fired?

It’s never too late to re-engage. It’s never too late to take what you’ve been given and turn it into what is expected of you. It is only late when there is no life; since you’re alive, you’re welcome to start right now. Get that mojo back, be accountable to God, use what you’ve been given to deliver on what’s expected of you. Play the cards you're dealt well.

Best wishes,


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