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Celebrity Man

Indulge me in this thought process for a bit.

Imagine a man whose existence presents a threat to the existing ruling party (government, leadership, etc.). Picture this man being so modest, simple, and unconventional to the current culture of the day.

Think of Bob Marley and his idealogy, which was quite different from the governing parties in Jamaica in the 1970s. Think of Martin Luther King Jr. and his gentle yet firm approach to bringing civility to the great nation of America in the 1960s; his challenge of the status quo led to his assassination (just as Bob was killed). Think of Fela Kuti, who was imprisoned severally while his family was repeatedly threatened because Fela spoke against the injustice of the 1980s in Nigeria. The list of these great men who feared nothing but the pain and suffering of their people is an endless one many still speak of today.

Suppose I may take you to another era, where a similar man of like passion (flesh and blood) found his purpose early and channeled everything to achieving that God-given mandate. That purpose was to liberate his people from the shackles of the current reign of governance. Just as MLK favored the minority, this Celebrity Man was likewise from an underserved, marginalized community. Interestingly, this gentleman's idealogy was unwelcomed not only by the opposition but, in some cases, by his people. You will recall that MLK found opposition within the black community as too gentle; many favored Malcolm X's approach to facing the enemy with a vengeance.

Regardless of the discomfort and betrayal within his community, Celebrity Man pressed on. He relished understanding that he had found his purpose and was walking in it, despite the pain it presented. At this time, you're likely suspecting Jesus Christ, and you will be just to think of Him so.

It is sometimes easier to relate to stories not so far in the distant past than connecting to one from over 2000 years ago. But dare I say that these modern tales pale compared to the heroism and infamous celebrity status of our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ. Christ died over 2000 years ago, and His death and resurrection continue to have a ripple effect globally. His people crucified him. Though His arrival was not to abolish the laws they so sought to protect, they saw His presence as a threat to their way of life, economy, and relationship with their earthly masters (the Romans at the time).

As we celebrate His death and resurrection, I hope that we understand how the most famous celebrity lived; he lived a simple life. A life of purpose. A life with intention. A life of sacrifice and the perfect example of how any man should live.

My prayer is that we all learn to live like Christ. I pray that we pursue his gentility daily. I pray that we die daily to ourselves while intentionally giving ourselves to our God-given mandate.

Best wishes,


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