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Center of Gravity

Scientifically, the center of gravity is the average location of the weight of an object. It is the actual point where the collective weight of the object sits, from one end to another. Giving a specific example, a four-legged table with a four-square top and all extremities made of equal weight, length, and size will likely have a center of gravity somewhere equidistant to each prong of that table. Contrarily, a three-legged table with one leg longer than the other two holding a four square top will likely have its center of gravity at a different spot than the four-legged table discussed above. Not only will the difference between three and four extremities make, but also the integrity of each extremity.

Where am I going with the mathematical discussion? My rambling is an attempt to liken the center of gravity of an object to the center of gravity of the mind. Our mind is a beautiful thing. Although not well celebrated, partly due to limited understanding, the mind plays an influential role in defining our identity. And so understanding the center of gravity of the mind, in essence, the core factors that keep it stable, is critical.

For me, mental stability comes from my relationship with God. Having tried several means, including education, career, people, food... (feel free to add to this list for yourself), I can comfortably say that my mind is at rest best when in tune with God. The bible reminds us in psalm 16:11 that there is fullness of joy in the presence of God (not happiness, because happiness is limited to happenings around); therefore, His presence is my mind's center of gravity.

If you're in a rot, and things appear not to be going your way, do what Toby Nwigwe suggested, "try Jesus, don't try me." He might help clear your mind, get you centered, and guide you to the blissful balance that exists regardless of happenings around you.

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