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Friends and Associates

Not everyone is your friend, neither should everyone you meet be introduced as your friend. We need to normalize the term “associates.”

Here’s what a friend is:

  1. A confidant- someone you share your plans with, your secret dreams that are yet to be materialized. Trust is a factor with your friend, an associates need not be aware of everything.

  2. An accountability partner- someone who helps hold you accountable to those things you’ve self identified as progress milestones. Associates merely celebrate your wins, they aren’t a part of the building process and have little to do with your execution to your goals.

  3. Calls out your errors- friends are those you’ve given the permission to in calling you out for wrong doings. Similar to being an accountability partner for executing on your goals, they can also call you on the carpet for character flaws. Associates could care less about you correcting your errors; contrarily, they may gossip about your mishaps.

So choose your friends wisely, keep the circle tight, ensure you’re in the right circle, and don’t be afraid to introduce someone as an associate, rather than a friend.

Best wishes,


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