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The image below is my idea of serenity. A glasshouse on a hill, overlooking a lake. I think it’s the most beautiful view on earth. I have two sons, six and three years old, and they are fearfully and wonderfully made; they are true boys in that everything that could be lifted is meant to be thrown, from basketball to plastic chairs to a pack of batteries. Now, imagine I won a vacation trip to this beautiful glasshouse, with a clause that requires me to take my amazing sons along for a week. Let’s just say that we will either be camping outside, at least half a mile away to avoid flying objects from hitting the glass in this house, or have to go expense the entire trip as a result of broken windows by the end of a week.

The expression, “people who live in glass houses don’t throw stone,” is one I am certain you’ve heard before. The implication is simple because you know your walls can easily be broken. People who live in glass houses know that their security could easily be threatened, and their privacy could easily be exposed. You as a dweller with such awareness are more cautious not to expose other people’s insecurities, privacy, and faults. The question to ask ourselves is that are we all aware that we live in virtual glass houses?

Another expression to drive home this point is one from the Yoruba culture which says “Eniyan ni aso mi.” The translation here is that humans are my cloth, in essence, people help cover my shame, insecurities, etc. As already affirmed, living in a glass house teaches you to be cognizant of your insecurities and the possibility of being exposed, while this Yoruba adage adds that the people that see those insecurities are the ones who could help hide and keep your privacy safe.

I have had the privilege of serving in different capacities, professionally and otherwise, and I have come to the short term conclusion that we are all humans and certainly, all sinners, saved by Grace. The Bible reminds us that He who is without sin should cast the first stone (John 8). Here’s where I’m going with this whole thing: there’s no point judging people because we all have insecurities and things we would rather not have the whole world see. Also, we should do our best to help people protect their low moments and look forward to helping them celebrate their highs.

My boys will certainly go on a vacation with my wife and I someday, but a beautiful Glasshouse like this is reserved for my babe & I, morning breathe and all.

Best wishes,


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