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Gospel, Grace, Growth & God

The message of the gospel is one of grace. The gospel is the good news that despite our filth, Christ - a Royal priesthood came to earth in a manger, suffered persecution, and died for us so that we may be ushered into God’s presence.

This good news is good news to all. There is no exception on who may receive the unmerited favor of God (simple definition for grace). You the child, the teenager, the father, the mother, the healthcare worker, the pastor, the bishop, the prostitute, the murderer- we are reminded that all have sinned and fallen short of the glory of God. So grace is needed for all, at all times.

So, just as a new baby is received with grace and their diapers changed with grace, a new convert who accepts the good news is received with grace. But with time, it is expected that the newborn baby develops to be potty trained, and accidents are initially forgiven, but soon the expectations are for self-discipline. Likewise, those in faith who have accepted the gospel are expected to grow from excessively dwelling on grace to thrive as a matured Christian (synonymous with adult vs baby). We all must embrace growth. I know that adulting is tough, likewise Christian maturity. But to dwell on grace alone is to liken one’s self to a “baby” still needing its diapers changed at the age of 24 (you get my drift). This is the message from Romans 6:1 cited above.

What then is the goal of moving from grace to growth? It is to enjoy the presence of God. As humans, we all want happiness. Now we know that happiness is merely a feeling dependent on the happenings around us. So we are reminded that in the presence of God is fullness of joy. So Joy is everlasting happiness. Our God never changes, so regardless of the happenings around us, with him we remain joyous. You may say joy is the big sister to temporary happiness. So to enjoy that presence of God, you have to understand that presence of God. A 2-year-old may not enjoy the company of 10 forty-something-year-old ladies having a good time. Maturity is needed to fully enjoy such company. So to choose to remain in grace and shun growth is to deny one’s self the full joy of God’s presence.

Grace will take you to God’s presence, but to constantly enjoy God’s presence as opposed to momentary grace, we must grow. Be accepting of corrections from God through His Word and the counsel of those He has sent as leaders over you. He corrects those He loves, just like a mother/father here on earth would.

So I challenge you to accept the gospel of grace, but to embrace the hard bones of growth, so that you may fully enjoy the presence of God.

Best wishes,


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