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Lessons on Leadership

The concept of leadership is not new to our era. Exodus 18 is filled with lessons of leadership for all. Jethro, Moses’s father-in-law, brought Moses' wife and children to see him in the wilderness. (1) It appears Moses had sent his family to his father-in-law for protection, perhaps to allow him to focus on the task at hand.

Upon arrival, Moses showed respect to his father-in-law, kissing his feet and telling him about God’s goodness to the Israelites. (2) One could learn the importance of showing deference to those who have come before you here. Jethro blessed God’s name for what He had done for the Israelites, and the elders joined him as he offered sacrifices to God.

Jethro then observed Moses being the judge, jury, and executioner for over 600,000 men (not to include women and children). This was Moses’ daily task. (3) So Jethro advised him otherwise, for him to appoint leaders and judges at different levels (similar to our current judicial system) who have Godly characters. Sharing this burden would prevent burnout for all. (4) It was recorded that Moses listened to Jethro and called on able men to lead over thousands, hundreds, fifties, and tens.

Moses learned from Jethro’s teachings that God’s assignment for him was (5) not about Moses but God’s people. Moses need not make himself God! God’s work here on earth is too vast for one man to do it all. Leaders must delegate their authority further to other leaders to reach a wider audience. If the goal is to help as many people as you can, you will need as many leaders as possible. May God send able women & men your way as He assigns such daunting tasks, amen.

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