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Let’s Go to Church

Exodus 26 is a cool chapter in the Bible that continues from the previous chapter with a description of what the temple, now called the tabernacle, should look like. God is specific about what He wants, giving cubic dimensions, e.t.c. It is beautiful to see our God function as a civil engineer, architect, project manager, and interior designer; He was all in one. Moses was basically the junior project manager, but God was the visionary for this tabernacle. He was the orchestrator of it all, the master planner himself.

It’s often said by theologians that the New Testament is a type and shadow of the Old Testament. The concept here that I want to draw attention to is what God’s specifications and expectations of the church is; knowing the church is God’s people in community format. In the New Testament we read of Apostle Paul writing several letters to the Christian communities, providing guidance on how the “church” should function. Knowing that Christ is the center of the church, we the community, are to be just as Jesus is. Philippians 2 is a good place to see this parallel thought.

Going to the beauty of the tabernacle in those days, I imagine was joyous, but being in the presence of like-minded believers who live a Christlike life could only be much more fulfilling. So let’s go to church, let’s enjoy God’s presence amongst His people with Christ as the center of it all.

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