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Man Like Jesus

I’ve recently been studying the life of Jesus as a person. When we think of Jesus, we often think of his divinity, the son of God, and the savior of the universe. But a review of Jesus as a human as actually a person to know yields some insights and gives me peace; I thought to share. Now for those who think this blasphemous, be reminded that Christ came as man on his own accord, not because anyone of us wanted him to.

So who was Jesus, the man? Make sure to read to the end of this write up.

  1. A man who experienced frustration- a frustration is the feeling of being upset or annoyed, especially because of inability to change or achieve something. Frustration is more of an experience with a corresponding action. In John 2:13-17 we read of Jesus making a whip out of cords and driving the traders out of “His Father’s house” for they turned it into a market place. He expressed frustration, and his action was commensurate to the feeling. You, as a man, have moments of frustration just like that, Jesus was man just like you and I.

  2. A man who felt betrayed- to betray someone is to expose them to danger. One who feels betrayed was exposed to danger. The betrayed individual is often hurt, but the pain is much greater when the betrayal is from someone who knows you well, or from someone you loved dearly. Have you ever felt betrayed by someone who should know better? Someone close to you, someone who took your proximity for granted and traded your trust for them for an opportunity to advance (maybe at work or in business)? In Luke 22, we read of how Jesus, the man, was betrayed by a friend, a man in his inner circle, Judas.

  3. A man who appreciated affirmations- I am one who appreciates, from the right people, a good ‘ol “job well done” pat on the back. Affirmations are words of emotional support; they are words and acts of encouragement. To affirm someone is to acknowledge them for who they are, to show appreciation in some cases, to inspire them further. Not that Jesus, the divinity, needed any affirmations, but Jesus, the man, appreciated such. We read in Matthew 26:6-13, that while Jesus was visiting his friend Simon the leper, a woman came forth and poured an expensive oil on Jesus’ head. His disciples were upset at the situation because of the cost of the oil, but Jesus the man rebuked them, saying she’s done a good thing for me. The lady basically affirmed Jesus as a man, and showed appreciation for him. He liked that, just as you enjoy the good ‘ol, pat on your back from time to time. Jesus was fully man.

  4. A man who enjoyed a good party- I was recently at a friend’s 40th birthday where I had a really good time dancing with good friends. Scanning the room, it was interesting to see the Pharisee like folks look upon us sinners for having a good time. Now there’s no excuse for sin, but Jesus the man enjoyed a good party and attended them occasionally. He attended the wedding in Cana in John 2, and Matthew’s soirée in Luke 5. So Jesus the man enjoyed the good company of others in social settings. So quit being antisocial.

These are merely 4 things showing Jesus as man. Here’s a plus one, Jesus felt abandoned by his father on the cross; I’m sure some readers here have felt abandoned. What I want to draw out most from these are two simple thoughts.

  1. God came to earth to show us that it is possible to live holy and righteous, yet present and engaged in your current dispensation. If we are reminded that we are merely ambassadors on a journey to our home, and this earth is not our destination, we will understand the assignment before us - to represent our King, while making known the splendor of His kingdom in hopes of embracing new citizens to our place of origin, the Heavenly Kingdom. So do life, live on purpose, intentionally and fully, but aspire to do it like Christ, Holy and Righteous.

  2. The second lesson is to give yourself grace and to stop taking yourself so seriously. Personally, I could be guilty of this, but Jesus the man laughed, cried, had feelings and showed them, prayed that the biggest cup assigned to him should pass, but still followed through. So long you follow through, allow yourself to feel what you’re feeling. Jesus the man did, so it’s okay. The caution remains though, that at the end, we should all make heaven, and that we take as many people along with us there (Matthew 28:19-20).

Above all, Jesus Christ your savior knows how you feel, he felt it too. Talk to him about your feelings more often.

Best wishes,


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