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Modern Day Idols

There’s a pretty obvious sculpture in Manhattan, New York, specific to the corner of Broadway and Bowling Green, called the Charging Bull. This 7100-pound (3200kg) sculpture in the shape of a bull is a popular tourist destination symbolizing Wall Street and the financial district. Though this bull may not be considered an idol, directly, I use it to discuss exodus chapter 32, and how we as Modern Day Christians may have created similar idols (out of riches, and other things) to represent our God.

In Exodus chapter 32, while Moses was on the mountain receiving instructions from God, the Israelites troubled Aaron for a god image, seeing that it was what they knew from their years of slavery with the Egyptians who worshiped idols. Aaron submitted to their angst and requested their jewelry to make a god-like image. Throwing the jewels into the fire led to a golden calf, more so a bull. Though the Israelites saw the idol as The Lord, it was wrong for they replaced God with His own creation.

For some of us, our idols are not in riches, they are our mothers, our children, our spiritual leaders, and our spouses. Where The Lord is supposed to be your strength, your strong tower, and the one you fear in wisdom, you’ve placed humans on such pedestal and made them into god-like images as our earthly reference for our source. This is modern-day idolatry. We must caution ourselves in all areas to ensure that God remains God, no one else can take His place, amen.

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