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Naked Faith

For those who have chosen to accept Jesus Christ as their personal Lord and Savior, the foundation of that relationship is having faith in an "invisible God." Being humans, who thrive on what we can see, feel, and touch, the idea of a God who is unreachable (physically) yet meant to be our all-sufficient being could be daunting. And so, the concept of a "Naked Faith" is one many people struggle with on an ongoing basis. How, then, do we manage this thought?

There's the approach suggested in theology where belief is based on historical acts that the current human mind (in all its knowing) cannot explain. Though Scientists theorize about the evolution of our universe and other similar polarizing topics, these issues often have no global consensus. The absence of such is implied as justification of a higher being, a God factor, that plays a grand role in the universe. Faith in Him could be considered Naked Faith.

There's also the personal approach of an internal pursuit for life's meanings and clarity to one's existence. The argument is often made that if Man is made in the image of God and in His likeness, then within man should be an inclination of what Man's purposes should be; I do not disagree. However, I do believe that an internal assessment, true to self, must be aware of environmental factors that have built the person we are today. In other words, your assessment of self is not entirely the original you, for external factors have influenced you. So for a personal approach to be worthwhile, we must be cognizant of the external factors now within and seek deep for the original identity. This is where prayer and medication come in. Basically, asking your core to speak to you on what to believe.

Whatever approach is taken, at some point, every man/woman must choose their own faith. Be it belief in tangibles that could perish or intangibles that cannot be affected by the day's culture. I pray that you dig deep and hear directly from God daily on what path to take. I challenge you to pursue Naked Faith.

Best wishes,


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