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O Death

There’s one certainty in life, death for all. But to know death is to know its limitations. Here’s what death is not: death is not the end; it is only a medium to transition from one era to another. One might ask what options are for the final destination after death. The Christian faith teaches this simply as heaven or hell. Condemnation or Resurrection.

John 3:16 reminds us that whoever believes in the living Christ shall not perish (condemnation) but have everlasting (resurrection) life. Perish here is condemnation to an unfavorable eternity.

1 Corinthians 15 reminds us of the resurrection body. This body is one that death has no strength over. Life after earthly death is much longer than on this side of eternity. Understanding this should give some peace as to the finality of death. Our human/fleshy limitation makes us so concerned about death, for if we had a better understanding, we would embrace its concept as the medium to our resurrected everlasting life. Even with this knowledge, the loss of a close acquaintance with uncertainty about their final destination makes death unbearable. If all our desires are for resurrection to life rather than condemnation, then a final destination to condemnation for a loved one may be worrisome. The fear of never seeing them again or the assumed reality of their unfavorable destination could be overwhelming.

Therefore I beseech you all to reflect on what death means, particularly the path to our final destination. My prayer is that we all live to declare the glory of God in this land of the living, but we will also be ushered into our eternal glory at God’s appointed time for us. With that in mind, let’s ensure we do not perish to condemnation. Accept Christ if you haven’t, and be thankful for His saving grace, which started with His birth a long time ago in Bethlehem.

Best wishes,


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