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Parable of the Sower

Updated: Apr 23, 2020

The parable of the Sower is a teaching from Matthew 13:1-23. There is so much to learn from this parable that could fill a 200+ page book. Below are notes taken whilst studying this well-documented parable. It is important to note that verses 11-13 share Christ's intentions for speaking in parables: it is a blessing to receive insight from The Holy Spirit on The Word of God, not to be taken lightly.

Wayside: By definition, wayside means the edge of the road. What happens when things are on the edge? Don't they typically fall off or get stolen by birds (Matthew 13:4)? Matthew 13:19 tells us that the wayside seeds were snatched by the wicked ones; The good Word was stolen.

Stony Planes: When a seed lands on a stony place it loses life. Stones are not fertile, however, there might be some Algae or other living organisms that might give it life. In such cases, a seed may grow, initially. In life, your investment may grow for a short while if it lands on a stony rough plane, but it is bound to die because it rests on a faulty foundation. Stony seeds die when persecutions arise, per Matthew 13:21.

Thorns: A thorn is an unpredictable piece of wood with randomly sharp edges. A thorn destroys, it chokes, it never gives life, it hurts real bad. I remember my cousins and I playing as children in the bushes of University College Hospital, Ibadan (in Nigeria), and being told by my aunt to "be careful with the thorns out there," making sure we don't come back bleeding. Back then we wore shorts because of the heat, so it was really easy to get stung by one of those thorns; actually, we did get stung a few times, and it hurt bad. Thorns cause pain and bring sorrow in life, sometimes leaving scars.

Our Lord Jesus Christ was crowned with a crown of thorns; can you imagine how much pain that could've been for his human flesh? Matthew 13:22 talks about the cares of this world choking the life out of The Word of God heard. This is what Thorns do, they choke the life out of a Child of God in pursuit of The Word.

Good/Fertile Ground: Seed that lands on the good fertile ground will yield crops with a multiplier-effect, according to Matthew 13:23. It is important to invest on good ground, ground that is rooted in The Word of God, ground that has promise and a future, ground that brings forth lasting fruits historically.

Let The Word of God find good/fertile ground in your heart. Guard your heart away from Devourers, Thorns, and a faulty foundation. Be intentional about what you feed your mind, as well.

Further Exposition

Birds, The Devourer: Deut 28:26, Jeremiah 12:9, Jeremiah 34:20, Jeremiah 15:3. A bird devours, that's what they do; The Bible is quite clear about this. May all Devourers in our lives be destroyed in the mighty name of Jesus, Amen.

Investing on Fertile Ground: Oftentimes, we get caught up in a desire for fast food results and outcomes in our lives' investments. We believe we've found our purpose and pursue it with all we've got. We invest our time, money, energy into building such dreams, only to find out that our investment was on (1) a wayside where it falls off or get devoured/stolen by "birds," or on (2) stony planes where growth is only temporary with false hopes of lasting results, or on (3) thorns where the life out of it is choked and every hope of success is destroyed in a matter of time. We must pray to God to find fertile ground to stake our investments on. We must do our homework on what has yielded results over the years, we must sow on fertile ground.

Discussing Roots: A seed without roots has no connection to the earth, our origin (Genesis 2:7), the source of life. When you plant and your investments have no footing in God, when you haven't honored God in your substance by being diligent with the financial resources he's given you, not giving to the needy, not paying your tithe, and spending carelessly (Luke 12: 16-21- Parable of the Rich Fool), you defile the principles of God and could loose your investments eventually (possibly your life). We must be grounded and rooted in biblical financial principles in life to see our seeds yield the desired results. Act now, it's not too late to right the wrong- pray to God for direction.

Best wishes,


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