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The Presence of God

Updated: Sep 29, 2021

You cannot vacate the presence of God for a while and try to rush back in at your own convenience.

When my brother got married in Nigeria a few years back, my wife and I flew out for the occasion; it was a relatively short trip as we were gone from Tuesday to Monday of the following week (6days). Through that time, it was difficult to pray, read the bible and dwell in God's presence with all the wedding activities going on. Before the main event, however, I had waited on The Lord for 3 days. Side note: many battles are fought long before the D-Day, work at this when you have major events going on in your life.

Because we live our lives in segments it's very easy to walk away from the presence of God. It is only when we are in our normal routine or elements that we're able to stay in God's process, this shouldn't be the case. We should always be in his presence, with the spirit of God in us. When we aren't focused on God or when we are not as spiritually alert as we should things happen that shouldn't typically happen. In addition, when we find ourselves away from God's presence and then try to return quickly in an attempt to reach the holy's of holy we find it difficult to attain our desired state quickly. Just as it took you some time to migrate away, it'll take some time to immigrate back in. How then can you speed up the process to prevent the devil from taking charge of your spirit man? Worship!

Worship can speed up your elevation into God's full presence. Ushering praises to the King of Kings and Lion of the tribe of Judah will lead the heavens to open the flood gates of blessings unto us. We must work hard to always remain in God's presence, for there alone can we find the fullness of joy we so desire.

Psalm 100:4 says "Enter into his gates with thanksgiving, and into his courts with praise: be thankful unto him, and bless his name." Do just that.

Best wishes,


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