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Time is Unity

In the famous movie "Lucy," Morgan Freeman plays a Medical Scientist that helps a supernatural woman named Lucy pass on the knowledge she's acquired by unlocking portions of her brain previously unknown to men.

About 70 minutes into the movie, Lucy explains to a group of medical scientists that Morgan Freeman's character had put together to learn from her how we as humans have created limits and measures, numerically, to simplify the limitless capacity of life. As she shares that a speeding car that moves fast enough could eventually be invisible to the naked eye, Lucy explains that time is the main factor in understanding our world, not numbers, letters, or standards. Time is what we all have in common. Morgan Freeman gets it, saying, "Time is Unity."

I wrote this on my flight to a friend's 40th birthday trip to St. Lucia. And as I always do, I was reflecting on the amount of time spent in years learning to live life. So here's the question to you, however old you are, how have you spent the time given to you? What knowledge have you added to others? What impact have you made in the lives of others?

Not to worry, though; you still have time. So long there's life, there's time. Think about that today.

Best wishes,


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