Hear me: WRITE EVERY VISION DOWN! Even when you’re not actively thinking about it, there’s a way your subconscious mind internalizes it, and your soul begins to work things out in that direction.

Personally, when I look at things I wrote down many years back and I compare those written thoughts to my life today, it typically adds up. The human creation (your body, spirit & soul) is one (just as the trinity); this is the most important tool to living your full existence on purpose. So when you commit a thought in your mind (an internal part of your body) to your soul, and your spirit is in line with it, and you write it down as an exercise in manifestation, you’re saying Amen to your blessings.

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Godly Counsel!


It’s so beautiful how God chooses to confirm His words. I had a conversation recently about the importance of Godly counsel, and that same day, in my personal time with God, I was directed to Psalm 16, where we are admonished to trust God, as opposed to other counsel.


Verse 7 says “I will praise The Lord, who counsels me; even at night my heart instructs me.” Now, the latter part of this verse is tricky, for David says his heart instructs him. Is it the heart that we are reminded is wicked? No, but a heart that The Holy Spirit continues to do a good work in.


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